Peach Hand Cream

  • $28.00

In collaboration with Fischer & Wieser from Fredericksburg, Texas, who have been growing peaches for over 50 years, we have formulated this rich, aloe-based cream blended with natural peach aroma. After whipping the aloe vera and blending in natural peach extract with a pinch of aromatic rosemary, we infused green tea, chamomile and jojoba to hydrate and soothe dry hands. This moisturizing cream contains 70% aloe vera, providing calming, long-lasting relief. The natural aroma will awaken your senses, taking you back to summer days of peach orchards and fresh hill country air. 
*Formulated for hands, and a great body cream, too! 

Aroma Courtesy of Mother Nature™️

Contains 70% Aloe Vera

Free of:  Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Artificial Fragrance