Comfort & Calming Trio

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SAVE $21 WITH THE TRIO! At the end of your hectic day unwind with our Comfort & Calming Trio of Lavender Body Oil No. 6 (4oz), Essential Oil of Lavender (10ml) and Lavender Pillow Mist No. 48 (4oz) - the perfect trio to bring comfort and calmness to your soul. Makes a great gift, too. 

THE REGIMEN:  Just before settling into your favorite chair in your favorite spot to watch a happy movie or read a good book, lightly mist your chair and blanket with the pillow mist (it is fabric/linen safe, but consider a spot-check for first use). Add a few drops of essential oil of lavender into your diffuser and turn it on. Now take a seat in your comfy, freshly sprayed favorite spot and dispense one little spray of body oil into your hands.  Rub your hands together and massage the oil into your cuticles.  When you're done, dispense another spray into your hands, rub them together and massage your neck, your feet, and or other dry patches with the oil. You might get a little sleepy and not able to finish your movie, but that's okay. Just remember to take your Pillow Mist with you to mist your pillow before going to sleep.  And it's certainly fine if you fall asleep in your favorite chair... Sweet dreams! 

ALSO CONSIDER adding an additional drop of essential oil of lavender to your pillow mist or your body oil if you want a more intense aromatherapy experience. 

SAVE $21!

Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Garcia
Happy Wife, Happy Life.

My wife loves these products. My wife is very soft and smells great.

Lynne Vandewalle
Beautiful Lavender scent

Purchased this set and absolutely love the quality lavender scent! All items are superb. Highly recommend! 💜