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Nurture your skin with nature. Our aloe-based products provide the ultimate rejuvenating experience with an aroma courtesy of Mother Nature. From the first ingredient to the last, we are dedicated to meeting your skin needs while using natural and clean ingredients.

How It All Began

Lavender Body Wash No. 152
Lavender Body Lotion No. 145

Things Just Blossomed

It was early 2003 and I had romantic plans to grow lavender with my husband in the Texas Hill Country.


Things Just Blossomed

It was early 2003 and I had romantic plans to grow lavender with my husband in the Texas Hill Country.


There's Just So Much To Love

  • "I’ve been using the lavender body oil because – GET READY – it comes in a spray bottle and this is infinitely, INFINITELY better than having to pour it into your hands. Last year I had this crazy rash on my legs that would not go away – went to the dermatologist three or four different times, had tests done, etc. – and while everything is fine now, I have to be really careful about what I put on my skin – I haven’t had a single flare-up since I started using it."

    -Sophie Hudson

  • "My wife and I love your heavy cream products. Last Saturday one of my employees was involved in a car accident. His airbag basically took the first layer of skin off his forehead and cheeks. He used Neosporin for 3 days and it was healing, slowly. My office manager recommended he use her lavender heavy cream on it instead. After 3 days his face is almost completely healed! He applies it several times a day. He is amazed at how quickly it worked and how there's no scarring. Your products are amazing. Thanks so much for what you do.

    - Derek B, Dripping Springs, TX

  • "I am a total convert since I heard about your line via The Big Boo Cast and have loved sharing them with friends and family as gifts. When nothing else would soothe my itchy, post-pregnancy skin, your lotions did the trick. It's awesome to have so many products I love in my very favorite fragrance - lavender! I use the heavy cream and lavender No. 145 lotion daily, as well as the pump hand soap and the pillow mist; most recently I added the shampoo and conditioner to my collection. I am a happy, grateful customer."

    -Charli A, College Station, TX

  • "I thought the lavender would help with my bedtime/sleep routine. This does so much more. Everything in the presentation is true from the scent to its impact on your skin. For over two years I have had what I call angry areas where I itched, I scratched and the skin flaked. I have tried all kinds of products on these areas. This is the only one that calmed and soothed my skin. It is like my skin sighed a sigh a relief and said "Finally!"


  • "I can't tell you the difference in my skin. I am 73 and have a lot of little white hard things on my legs. Since I have been using this cream my legs are looking so much better. I have tried all kinds of creams for my dry skin on my legs and this is absolutely the BEST! Highly Recommend it!"

    -Micky Joe

  • "I bought this cream before I had knee replacement surgery. Little did I know what a life saver it would be. Three days before surgery I had to wash my entire body with a strong antiseptic soap. My skin was so dry it was peeling. This cream got my skin back to normal in two days, nothing helped but this cream. Absolutely fantastic! Thick, creamy but melts into your skin. I ordered again because I don't want to be without it. Thank you for such a fabulous product. I use the lavender oil in a diffuser and my house smells like a lavender field."


  • "Your product is amazing! I got a really bad sunburn and was hurting so much! I used the lotion and oh my goodness did it help my sunburn! The lavender soothes so much and has kept me from peeling! It's taken all the sting out and has helped me tan beautifully! Colorado sun in no joke - I had tried pure aloe on sunburns before but it doesn't help a fraction compared to your Lavender Heavy Cream. I'm so thankful for that lotion! I'd be in so much pain had it not have been for you."

    -Mackenzie, Colorado Springs, CO

  • "I swear by their hand soap because I used to get eczema flare-ups. I completely cut out hand sanitizer for years, tried everything under the sun - but I was stuck using a prescription steroid cream between my fingers otherwise they would crack and bleed. After about six months of using this soap, it stopped! I wish everyone on the planet could read my message about how the ingredients in this hand soap changed the quality of my life. I couldn’t pet my dog if I had the steroid cream on. It’s gluten free, too!"

    -Jessica H.

  • "I discovered Hummingbird Farms while we stayed at Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg. I have continued to use only their products since & often purchase for gifts. The shampoo & conditioner are amazing for my thin fine hair - worse now as a breast cancer survivor than before. I use the body wash & lavender lotion every morning. The body scrub is my Saturday treat - love the way it makes my face & skin feel for hours afterwards! I so appreciate the family-owned, all natural business. Love that what goes on the outside is as important as what goes on the inside."

    -Lynda M.

Where to Buy

Visit a Bed & Breakfast, a Winery, or Boutique in the Texas Hill Country and you'll find our Products.