Skin Protector Duo

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Save $15 with the duo! Getting ahead of dry skin begins in the shower. Did you know soap is often the culprit to dry, flaky skin? When you use our gentle, aloe-based body wash in the shower or bath followed by our plant-based body oil, you will be sealing moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. 

THE REGIMEN:  After showering or bathing with aloe-based Lavender Body Wash No. 152, apply Lavender Body Oil No. 6 on damp skin. You can certainly towel-dry before applying the oil, but numerous reports confirm that applying the oil to damp skin allows the water to mix with the oil and sink into your skin to seal in moisture while massaging.  After a few days of getting used to this way of moisturizing, you will be very glad you stuck with it! 

ALSO CONSIDER using Lavender Body Wash No. 152 as a relaxing bubble bath! And here are a few of the many other uses of Lavender Body Oil No. 6:  Use in place of your favorite shaving cream for silky-smooth legs; Massage into skin after shaving to reduce red bumps and inflammation (hello smooth bikini line!); Use as a spot treatment for dry patches and areas prone to dryness - elbows, knees and heels; Soften cuticles by gently massaging a drop of oil around cuticles and nails. 

SAVE $15! 

Customer Reviews

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Linda Deal

I love most natural products in general. I’m dry all seasons and need a lot of moisture. Loving this set a lot. Customer service excellent.

Kathleen Knight
Amazing high quality products!

I discovered Hummingbird Farms products when we stayed at Blair House Inn last December. I was in love immediately. The lotions is divine and has a wonderful lavender scent. The body wash leaves your skin so soft. You can see it’s all very high quality because a little goes a long way and the scent is wonderful and soothing. Even the lavender body oil is so rich and goes on so smoothly on your skin compared to other brand that are watered down by adding additional blended oils and water. I highly recommended Hummingbird Farms products for their high quality. I will be ordering again!

Starla Eiselstein
Love it!

The lavender body oil is fabulous!
Nice scent and very moisturizing!