Rain Lily Triple Milled Bar Soap (9oz)

  • $15.00

Nourish your skin with our aloe-enriched Triple Milled Bar Soap. Our plant-based bar soaps contain no animal byproducts, creating a luxuriously rich and creamy lather that feels light on the skin - not heavy or hot. This is an extra large bar of soap - almost a half pound! Triple Milled means longer lasting with loads of lather that rinses clean with no soap scum residue. Great for most skin types, and for anyone looking for a cleansing, aloe-enriched bar soap that leaves your skin soft and moisturized. 

Aroma:  Imagine the fresh, clean smell of a sunny summer morning after a night of soft rain:  Peach blossom with a hint of star jasmine and a faint wafting of sweet musk  

About Rain Lily: After a good rain in the Hill Country, the mystical Rain Lily opens slowly at dusk. In full flower by morning, each lily stands tall, as if they are singing in praise of the sun. Then, just as quickly as they appear, the rain lilies are gone, never lasting but a day or two. Because of their scarcity and mystery, whenever we see them blooming in random nooks and crannies or meadows on our farm, we consider it a blessing, like the rain lily is singing blessings for us, as well.