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Julia1933 Triple Milled Bar Soap (9oz)

  • $15.00

Nourish your skin with our aloe-enriched Triple Milled Bar Soap. Our plant-based bar soaps contain no animal byproducts, creating a luxuriously rich and creamy lather that feels light on the skin - not heavy or hot. This is an extra large bar of soap - a half pound! Triple Milled means longer lasting with loads of lather that rinses clean with no soap scum residue. Great for most skin types, and for anyone looking for a cleansing, aloe-enriched bar soap that leaves your skin soft and moisturized. 

Scent:  A top note of aromatic rosemary layered with energizing citrus

✔️Rinses Clean    ✔️No Soap Scum Residue  
 ✔️Aloe Enriched
✔️ Rich and Creamy Lather  
 ✔️ Triple Milled For A Longer Lasting Soap
   ✔️Vegan   ✔️Gluten Free    ✔️Made in USA