Peach Hand Soap & Cream Duo

  • $49.00

SAVE $7! It’s a peachy collaboration with Fischer & Wieser! They know peaches and have been growing them in the Texas Hill Country for over 50 years. We partnered together to bring you our signature aloe-based Hand Soap & Cream infused with natural peach aroma.

Aloe-based Peach Hand Soap (12oz) is a beautiful blend of papaya, rosemary and grape seed oil that has been folded into our peach infused foaming aloe vera to provide a delightfully aromatic experience while washing. This extra gentle soap is ideal for frequent use and for extra dry or sensitive skin.

Aloe-based Peach *Hand Cream (8oz) also includes rosemary, green tea, chamomile and jojoba to hydrate and soothe dry hands. This moisturizing cream contains 70% aloe vera, providing calming, long-lasting relief. The natural peach aroma in both the soap and the cream will awaken your senses, taking you back to summer days of peach orchards and fresh hill country air. *Formulated for hands, and a great body cream, too!

SAVE $7!

Aroma Courtesy of Mother Nature™️

Hand Cream Contains 70% Aloe Vera

Hand Soap Contains 49% Aloe Vera

Free of:  Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Synthetic Fragrance